Frequently asked questions about OnCall Health's API

OnCall Health's public application programming interface (API) can be used to facilitate integrations between our platform and a variety of external applications. Keep reading for answers to questions that will likely arise as you begin utilizing our API.

How do I access OnCall Health's API?

OnCall Health's API is currently available to enterprise customers. To gain access, simply email your Customer Success Manager to request an API key.

Once you have a key, there are many ways to begin making API calls.

For testing purposes, you can use a tool called Postman. Click here for a quick guide to interacting with our platform through Postman.

Ready to build an integration with our API? You'll need an application capable of making server-side HTTP requests.

For example, you could build a very simple Node.js application to fetch data from OnCall Health. Click here for instructions on doing just that.

There are also HIPAA-compliant, low-code platforms such as Azure Logic Apps you can use to integrate with OnCall Health's API.

How easy is it to build an integration with OnCall Health's API?

Any developer with experience using REST APIs will have no problem building automated workflows with OnCall Health's API.

Does OnCall Health offer developer support?

Enterprise clients have access to our Solutions Consulting team, which provides developer support and assistance with technical decisions. Our Solutions Consulting team can also troubleshoot integrations to ensure your success.

Will OnCall Health's developers build my integration for me?

OnCall Health is not a custom development shop. We typically consult and support our clients' development teams (as opposed to spearheading the development work ourselves).

If you have requests for custom integrations, however, we'll review them on a case-by-case basis and determine how we can best support you.

What data can I access through OnCall Health's API?

Click here for a breakdown of the various entities accessible through OnCall Health's API.

You can also visit our API reference for a list of the various HTTP methods that can be used to interact with records in OnCall Health.

Are there any limits to the number of API requests I can make?

There are no price-based restrictions on the number of requests you can make to OnCall Health's API. However, we implement a rate limit of 60 requests per minute. If you exceed this limit, you'll receive an error indicating you need to wait before retrying.

I'm not seeing the data I'd expect from the API. What's wrong?

If an API response body seems to be missing data, try the following.

1. Ensure you're using the correct endpoint and parameters. OnCall Health's API has a variety of endpoints, many of which accept query parameters. If you're using the wrong endpoint or applying filters unnecessarily, data won't appear as expected.

2. See whether pagination may be placing your expected data on subsequent pages in the response body. By default, OnCall Health's API responds with 20 items. Subsequent items need to be accessed by navigating through the pagination URL provided in the response body.

3. Contact your Customer Success Representative. Your API key may not be configured to receive all of the data you're expecting. This is typically a quick fix for our Customer Success and Solutions Engineering teams.